This is a website to collect a few things I (Hannes Schüller) have done. It is not a blag or anything of the kind.

I sometimes write my name as "Hannes Schueller", i.e. whenever I feel pure ASCII is more appropriate. I've also published some things under the alias "Mr Creosote" which dates back to the time when it was still expected to have a funny / cool nickname on the Internet.


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This is an incomplete list of the software I developed or collaborated on (and published) on a non-professional basis.


WWW Scripts

Spam Board

Bulletin board / discussion forum software written in PHP and using an SQL backend. Released under the terms of the AGPLv3. It can be found on its own website.


Simple Wiki system which attaches itself to a Spam Board's account and session system. You can see it in action on the "Bananenflanke" site (see below). Not usable as a standalone Wiki unless you code a new account and session system!

Download and documentation at the Spam Board site


Online football manager game (German language) for which I built the basic scripting framework, implemented the logical links to the forum software (user accounts, sessions and extended privileges system) and came up with a few algorithms (automation and optimization tasks).


The Classic Adventures Solution Archive is a great site run by Jacob Gunness for which I programmed most of the backend for the 2010 relaunch.


Hannes' Filmarchiv is where I put a few thoughts about movies into writing (in German). It is basically a simplified version of the CASA script.

Text Adventures

"Interactive Fiction" seems to be the popular name for what used to be called "Text Adventures", although personally, I can understand everyone saying that it's a bit of a pretentious title. Games I've written in chronological order:

Untitled Adventure

Very basic game written in 1996. No actual parser, just matching of whole phrases. For MS-DOS and in German.


Flug 714 nach Sydney

Taking the basic plotline (only very roughly and hardly recognizable) from an Tintin comic. Includes a simple battleship type game against the computer. Made in 1996 for MS-DOS (in German).


Ein ganz normaler Schultag

Funny-ish game about a student trying to deliver his paper (which he hasn't written) last minute. MS-DOS, in German, released in 1999. Ported to the TI-92 as well.

Download (MS-DOS)
Download (TI-92)
Download (TI-92, using menu system instead of parser)

The End of He-Man!

Fan fiction type game about the Masters of the Universe. Was written in two goes, with both parts unfortunately differing quite a bit in tone. In the end, it was finished in too much of a rush, so it doesn't quite live up to the epic initial plans. Written in TADS2 in 2001 and 2002, English language.

Download (version 1.13)

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

Released in 2009. Can be found on its own page.

Ninja's Fate

Released in 2010. Also has got its own page.

Bloodless on the Orient Express

Entry to Ectocomp 2011.

Die Geschichte des Herrn P. / The Story of Mr. P

More information about the German release can be found on the Textpäckchen project site. The English version ran in Spring Thing 2014. If I was supposed to recommend one of my games, this one would be it.


This is not a game, but an authoring system for text adventures which I wrote back in 2001.

Misc. Games


Wannabe-remake of the C64 classic Imperator. Funny, but simplistic gameplay. German language, MS-DOS; co-written with another author in 1999 (with whom I don't have any contact anymore, so I don't know whether it's alright to name him).

Download (MS-DOS)
Download (TI-92)
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